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This was a small game I developed for about two weeks during my time at Sussex Downs College as part of the final bit of my course, mid 2014.

Unfortunately I hit a bit of a hurdle concerning depression near the end of my course, so this, and some other work, ended up being mostly all for nothing.

Some technicalities; this is developed using a heavily modified version of the FitzQuake engine that I've been developing for another game called Decay. This is a slightly earlier version of that engine, the sound system is disabled because I was partly through a point of overhauling it at the time and there's some other minor issues that might occur.

The game is incredibly simplistic, the enemies and items are BSP-based models and some of the textures were reused from our other project. Do not steeealz and all that other stuff, right? Okay.

The HUD icons and crosshair were not produced by me.

We didn't have a complete AI system implemented for the time when I produced this, so all of that had to be written out within the two weeks I had. This gave me a good opportunity to prototype some of the work-in-progress systems for the AI, such as the different types of think states such as being idle, attacking or pursuing.

Something else I also had to figure out was how movement would work, since none of that was yet implemented into the game since the AI had been only just switched over to use the same movement system as the player. I decided to do something simple, the enemy would jump and velocity would be applied in the direction of the player so that it would appear as if it was gradually hopping closer and closer.



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