A downloadable game engine

Yin is a purposefully simplistic 3D game engine, written in the C programming language, that I've been developing on and off in my free time. It heavily uses my open-source utility library, dubbed the Hei Platform Library.

The latest source code is available via the GitHub page here.

The engine currently features the following.

  • Console interface, with support for setting runtime variables and commands
  • Flexible material system providing support for outlining multiple passes, blend modes and more
  • Drop-in support for new shaders, which can then be referenced by materials
  • Dynamic per-pixel lighting from multiple light sources
  • Custom package format with compression
  • Custom image format called GFX with reasonable compression and support for DXTC
  • Post-processing pipeline with support for FXAA and bloom
  • Supersampling up to 2x display resolution
  • Memory manager with garbage collection and usage tracking
  • Node format for serialisation/deserialisation; can be stored as either binary or text
  • PNG, TGA, JPG, BMP and GIF image support
  • Abstract graphics interface with support for different graphics APIs via plugins
  • Virtual file-system allowing for directories and packages to be mounted at runtime

It's been successfully used to produce both a Doom-like clone as well as a top-down arcade shooter.


2021-09-12 (v2.0 Source Code) 26 MB
2020-09-29 (v1.5 Source Code) 242 kB
2020-04-15 (v1.0 Source Code) 19 kB
2020-04-14 (v0.9 Source Code) 245 kB

Development log


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How do i build it?

Do i just supply it with the missing 3rd party stuff?

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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you’ll need to supply the 3rd party bits for the distribution currently available. I’ll be uploading a newer distribution soon with everything it needs.

The DIY setup wasn’t really intentional, just wanted to kick a bit of it out the door a little sooner.

no prob, i know how dependency stuff in C/CPP is bad so dont worry about it

what code lamguage?

It’s stated in the project description.

written in the C programming language

If you wanted something more specific, it’s C11.